Introducing SaaSquatchAI

Make a difference in your business with our all-in-one

sales and marketing System

Transform your business with SaaSquatchAI’s state-of-the-art sales and marketing tool. Our all-in-one platform is designed to simplify your processes, increase productivity and drive growth. Experience the power of AI-powered automation and advanced CRM, designed to take your business to the next level.

SaaSquatchAI is cloud-ased and running on every device

Introducing SaaSquatchAI

Revolutionize Your Business With Our


All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform

Empower Growth, Streamline Operations, And Maximize Efficiency With Our Comprehensive AI-Driven Business Platform

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Eastside Soundworks
Master Printing of Clarksville, Clarksville, Arkansas
NXT LVL Auto Care
ADSA Investments LLC
Arctic Air Pro Care & Heat LLC

Unleash The Full Power Of Your Business

Change the landscape of your business with our advanced SaaS platform, where AI-powered automation meets a complete CRM system, enhanced with powerful analytics and customizable sets of digital marketing tools.

Designed to streamline operations, scale marketing efforts, and maximize growth, our platform combines state-of-the-art technology to deliver unparalleled efficiency and insight.

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Utilize Advanced AI to Seamlessly Transform Prospects into Loyal Customers.

Our integrated sales and marketing software takes your business to new heights, turning qualified leads into loyal, paying customers. Get the functionality of messaging, personalized to you, as well as additional features such as missed calls and auto-reply messages, as well as AI-powered appointment booking, all designed to make your customers a the intervention and change process will be better.

See The Vital Data You Never Knew You were missing

Our platform provides comprehensive insights, from call tracking to advanced ad analytics and more, ensuring you are fully aware of the source of every message, call, submission form, schedule and payment. This gives you the ability to better allocate your marketing resources, investing exactly where and when it matters most to get the best results.

Image of SaaSquatchAI's Mobile app showing Vital Data

See The Vital Data You Never Knew You were missing

Our platform delivers comprehensive insights, from Call Tracking & Recording to Detailed Advertising Analytics and more, ensuring you have a complete understanding of the source of every message, call, form submission, appointment, and payment. This empowers you to allocate your marketing resources more effectively, investing precisely where and when it matters most for optimal results.

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Stop paying for dozens of apps

With our All-in-One Sales & Marketing Platform, we put the power back in your hands. From billing to registration management and everything in between, we are your one-stop shop for local business marketing.

  • Replace or Integrate with 20+ apps

  • Seamlessly manage the way you work

Benefit From The Diverse Range Of Integrations Currently Offered...

...With Even More Integrations Currently In The Pipeline!

Google My Business

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Watch What We Can Do

Explore the transformative power of our software in just two minutes! Our inspirational video reveals innovations and capabilities that can transform the way you run and grow your business. Take a look now to see how our solutions can streamline your operations, improve your marketing efforts, and increase your customer engagement like never before.

Integrates With Your Preferred Calendar System:

Don't change your daily scheduling system to accommodate your business platform,

we will integrate with your daily calendar!

SaaSquatchAI's Email Integrations

Hear From Our Clients

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We wish we would have found SaaSquatchAI sooner! The amount of data we were missing was astonishing and has helped us tremendously!


Alex East

Master Printing Of Clarksville, INC


Quotation Marks

We spent years doing paper booking, SaaSquatchAI gave us that ability and now running our business has never been so easy!


Ryan Bornmann

NXTLVL Auto Care


Quotation Marks

We just started looking into SaaSquatchAI and it's already showing its benefits day one!


John Magen

Arctic AirPro Care & Heat


An All-Encompassing

Collection of Tools

Spanning from dynamic funnel creation to advanced marketing automation and efficient sales pipeline management, our platform provides everything necessary to elevate and expand your business.

SaasquatchAI Offers Funnels


Sales Funnels are designed to strategically guide potential customers through the buying journey, effectively converting leads into sales and maximizing revenue potential

SaasquatchAI Offers Email Marketing


Email Marketing empowers you to engage with your audience through personalized, targeted campaigns, enhancing customer relationships and driving sales growth.

SaasquatchAI Offers SMS Marketing and Messaging


2 Way SMS Marketing enables real-time, interactive communication with your customers, fostering stronger connections and enhancing responsiveness to their needs and inquiries.

SaasquatchAI Offers Automation


Workflow Automations revolutionize your operations, automating routine tasks and client communications to boost efficiency and consistency in engagement.

SaasquatchAI Offers Online Bookings


Booking & Appointments feature streamlines scheduling, offering an efficient, user-friendly system for clients to book and manage appointments, enhancing service accessibility and convenience.

SaasquatchAI Offers Online/Mobile Payments


Our Online & Mobile Payments feature offers a seamless, secure transaction experience, facilitating easy payment processing and enhancing customer convenience for businesses on the go.

SaasquatchAI Offers CRM


Our CRM system centralizes all customer interactions and data, offering a comprehensive platform for managing relationships, enhancing engagement, and personalizing customer experiences for stronger loyalty and business growth.

SaasquatchAI Offers Course Platform


Our Courses feature provides a dynamic platform for creating and delivering educational content, enabling businesses to offer comprehensive online courses that engage and educate their audience, adding value and diversifying revenue streams.

SaasquatchAI Offers Tracking & Analytics

Tracking & Analytics

Tracking & Analytics offers comprehensive insights into your business performance, enabling precise monitoring of marketing campaigns and customer interactions for data-driven strategy optimization and enhanced decision-making.

SaasquatchAI Offers Surveys


Our Surveys feature enables you to gain valuable feedback and insights directly from your customers, helping you to understand their needs and preferences, and to tailor your services and products for enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.

SaasquatchAI Offers Forms


Our Forms feature provides intuitive, customizable tools for capturing essential information from clients and leads, streamlining data collection and facilitating more effective, targeted interactions and marketing strategies.

SaasquatchAI Offers a Website Builder

Website Builder

Our Website Builder feature enables you to effortlessly create professional, responsive websites with drag-and-drop ease, offering a powerful platform to establish and enhance your online presence and effectively reach your target audience.

SaasquatchAI Offers Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Our Call Tracking feature enables detailed monitoring of phone-based customer interactions, offering valuable insights into call performance and customer engagement, essential for optimizing communication strategies and enhancing customer service efficiency.

SaasquatchAI Offers Reputation Management


Our Online Reputation Management feature assists in closely monitoring and managing your digital presence, ensuring your brand image is accurately reflected across the web, fostering trust, and building stronger relationships with your audience.

SaasquatchAI Offers Digital Document Signing

Document Signing

Our Online Document Signing feature streamlines the contract and agreement process, offering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for electronic signatures, enhancing workflow speed and simplifying transactions.

SaasquatchAI Offers Communities


Our Communities feature enables the creation of vibrant, interactive spaces for your customers or members, fostering engagement, discussion, and a sense of belonging, which enhances brand loyalty and creates valuable networks for feedback and growth.

SaasquatchAI Offers Online Stores

Online Store

Our Online Store feature provides a comprehensive and intuitive platform for creating and managing an e-commerce presence, enabling you to effortlessly sell products or services online, expand your market reach, and increase revenue streams.

SaasquatchAI Offers AI Chatbots

A.I. Chatbot

AI Chatbot enhances customer service with 24/7 AI-driven support, providing personalized interactions and operational efficiency. It's ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking to improve customer engagement and streamline processes.

SaasquatchAI Offers Online Stores

Ad Launcher

Create sophisticated campaigns without diving into the nitty-gritty details. Our user-friendly interface is designed for efficiency, letting you focus on strategy. Simplify your workflow and let SaaSquatchAI handle the complexity.

We Help Many Types Of Home Professional Service Firms & Franchises

  • Chiropractors

  • Mortgage Loan

  • Dentist

  • Real Estate

  • Restaurant

  • Solar

  • Yoga

  • Auto Detailing

  • Crossfit

  • Hair Salon

  • Attorney

  • Pest Control

  • Day Spa

  • Medical Spa

  • Coaching

  • Home Remodeling

We are adding new professions monthly!

Drive qualified traffic on your website

Whether it’s from Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing or any other channel, our proven software is built to bring you the leads your business needs.
We even integrate all of your leads into one centralized inbox.
Let us show you.

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Most Asked Questions About What We Can Do.

We aim to provide the highest value to to achieve your goals.

Who's this perfect for?

We are ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs, creators, consultants, coaches, and marketing agencies who want an all-in-one platform to build their online presence and automate marketing.

How do I know if I need this?

We generally recommend scheduling a call with us to see if you might benefit from the features! As a rule of thumb, if you're looking to decrease some of the pain points you might be feeling within your business (not enough time in the day, overwhelmed with trying to respond to everyone, losing leads because of lack of follow-thru, missing phone calls) - there's a really good chance we might be a great solution for you!

What exactly do I get when I buy this?

You get access to our suite of tools including the funnel builder, website builder, email and SMS marketing automation, webchat, appointment scheduler, contracts, invoicing and more to boost your sales and marketing.

What if I get stuck and need extra support?

No worries! Our expert support team is available to help you via live chat, email and phone support. We provide extensive documentation and getting started guides as well. We are committed to your success.

How long before I see results?

The answer to this requires work from our team, and YOURS! Initially, we figure out where you are truly struggling with your small business and where you could benefit quickly. We will then make recommendations on which features you should launch FIRST so you can start to see small wins faster. The goal will be to automate some of these smaller functions so you can move on to larger portions of your transition to the platform. We have seen users experience results within their very first week, it just depends on how much you buckle down and work WITH us identifying your pain points!

I already have a CRM, what more can you offer?

Even if you're currently using a CRM, our solution complements and enhances your existing setup. Our software integrates with most CRMs and PMSs, working alongside them to elevate your communication and marketing endeavours. This integration adds an extra layer of efficiency and effectiveness to your current systems.

What is onboarding like?

On-boarding is super simple. We will have two one-hour video calls with you where we do 1 hour of teaching you the software and 1 hour of questions where we get all your business information to start the setup.

Can I cancel? What about a refund?

If you feel this isn't for you, can cancel at any time! Our contracts are for our angel investors to verify the backing they are supplying is going to good use!

Once you choose a subscription option and payment period there are no refunds during that chosen payment period. Studs Duds LLC, does not provide prorated refunds during a payment period. You will be billed through the remainder of the payment period. Payments/fees are based on the services provided and user licenses purchased and not the actual usage. The number of user subscriptions/licenses purchased cannot be decreased during the relevant subscription/license term.

Ready to get to work?

Our dynamic team is united to help your business reach its potential. Fill in this form on the right to get a free account of your business that will show you your website, phone number, business name and more!

Once submitted, we will generate our report and reach out to you to arrange for the results to go in! We strive to ensure that SMBs have the resources they need to compete in such a competitive marketplace.

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